Recreational Craft

What type of craft does this insurance cover?

Any craft which is duly registered (in list seven) pursuant to the current legislation and are destined for private use by its owners (sail, motor or rowing).

What guarantees can I take out?

BASIC CIVIL LIABILITY GUARANTEES (in accordance with capital and guarantees established by Royal Decree 607/1999, of 16 April):
• Legal Defence
• Bails.
• Damage caused to the craft: one must indicate an insured sum which coincides with the new value of the craft + engine + accessories and/or fixed equipment.
• Voluntary civil liability: complementary to the mandatory insurance cover.
• Claiming damages
• Individual accidents to those on-board: death, permanent disability and medical/pharmaceutical assistance.
• Participation in regattas.

Where can I sail and still be covered by my insurance?

In Spanish territorial waters, extendible by prior consultation with the Company.

Does my insurance cover participating in regattas and/or sporting event?

Initially no, but may be included after individually studying the case which is previously presented to the Company.

Is the mandatory civil liability insurance compatible with the provisions established by the Regulation for recreational crafts?

Yes, the cover is governed according to the limits, terms and conditions established in Royal Decree 607/1999, of 16 April, which approves the Regulation for Mandatory Civil Liability Insurance for recreational or sports crafts, with the following capital:
Insured capital:
• Personal damage: up to 120,202.42 Euros with a maximum limit of 240,404.84 Euros per incident.
• Material damage and economic losses: 96,161.94 Euros
• Legal Defence
• Bails

Can I insure the craft if it is used for rental to third parties?

No, recreational crafts registered in list six are excluded from the procurement rules.

What type of crafts are obliged to take out mandatory civil liability insurance?

All recreational or sports crafts which are propelled by an engine, and those which do not have an engine but exceed six metres in length.

What criteria should I apply for determining the insured sum of my craft for taking out the insurance?

The insured capital for guaranteeing damage caused to the craft will be the New Value, that is, the total retail sale price when new, including transportation expenses, customs and any legally applicable taxes. If the craft is no longer manufactured, one will use the price applicable to a craft of similar characteristics.