What is Ocaso Leisure Craft Insurance?

In order to sail, most recreational boats need to take out civil liability insurance. For this, Ocaso has designed a policy which covers this guarantee and protects your entire boat. So you can enjoy yourself while sailing without having to worry.

What are its guarantees?

The insurance covers basic civil liability for damages or loss to third parties, legal defence of the insured in the event of claims arising from incidents covered by the civil liability guarantee, and the judicial bail arising from said incident.

This policy also offers the possibility of taking out a series of optional guarantees such as: Damage to the Boat Insurance, Voluntary Civil Liability Insurance, Damage Reclaim Insurance, Individual Crew Accident Insurance.



Standard Cover

Obligatory Public Liability

Optional Cover

Loss of or damages to the vessel Voluntary Public Liability Insurance (complementary to obligatory insurance) Claims for recovery of damages from third parties Personal Accident for passengers