What is Multi-Life Insurance?

Ocaso Multi-Life is a life insurance that is more comprehensive than others available on the market as it includes more guarantees than other policies and covers larger amounts of money.

What are its guarantees?

Ocaso Multi-Life insurance guarantees compensation in the event of death due to any cause. It also provides the option of taking out additional guarantees that adapt to your individual needs. Including upfront payment of capital from the main guarantee due to absolute and permanent disability, an additional payment equivalent to the main guarantee due to death or absolute disability due to different types of accidents or grave illnesses, and advice and handling of succession procedures.

What are the main advantages?

Form of payment

Likewise, you are offered the option of choosing the form of payment which best suits you: annual, six-monthly, quarterly, bi-monthly or monthly.

Optional guarantees

Ocaso Multivida provides the option of taking out a series of optional guarantees to the main coverage for death, so the policy can better adapt to your individual needs. 


Standard Cover


Optional Cover

Full and permanent disability Death caused by accident Death caused by traffic accident Death or full and permanent disability caused by an accident Death or full and permanent disability caused by a traffic accident Death caused by myocardial infarction Simultaneous death due to accident with the accompanying designated Serious illnesses Probate and estate administration services