OCASO’s financial strength is undoubtedly one of its main assets. The Company’s solvency margin as at December 31, 2015, amounted to 1020.03 million of euros, that is, 6.3 times higher than that established as a requirement by the legislation in force. Thus, OCASO has maintained a privileged position with regard to its competitors for many years now.

OCASO’s risk selection policy has brought, for many years, significant net profit. Net profit for FY 2015, after tax, was 66.36 million of euros which, consolidated with the profit obtained by the rest of companies in the Group, amounted to a total of 69.56 million of euros.

The prestigious firm A.M. Best (www.ambest.com), the specialist in solvency and financial strength analysis and rating for insurance companies, has confirmed OCASO’s financial strength rating, with an A (Excellent) rating.

In 2015 we fulfilled the general objectives set at the beginning of the same period, reaching a total volume of premiums written for direct insurance of 925.32 million Euros. In relation to the turnover of the Group we have reached a figure of 1,000.2 million euros.

Type of insurance 2015 2014 Difference %
Traditional insurance 477,07 469,87 7,20 1,53
Personal insurance 158,79 156,18 2,61 1,67
General insurance 289,46 282,90 6,56 2,32
Total 925,32 908,95 16,37 1,80

Capital stock amounts to 310 million of euros. In brief, the good results obtained by OCASO confirm the strength, once again, of its business approach based on independence, solvency and financial stability, profitable growth and excellence in its service and assistance to the Insured.