The present Regulations regulate the activity of the Customer Service Department of Grupo Ocaso, and, in fulfilment of the procedural regulations governing the financial system, they are obligatory upon all financial bodies.

The Customer Service Department constitutes a specialised single service for the whole of Grupo Ocaso, with the aim of addressing and resolving complaints and objections put forward by clients of all financial companies which are part of the group (Ocaso, S.A. and Eterna Aseguradora, S.A.).

The Customer Service Department is, in organisational terms, separated from the rest of our commercial or operational services, in order to ensure its activity and decision-making are fully autonomous with regard to other components of the company, thus avoiding the existence of conflicts of interest at the heart of the organization.

Provisions referring to the head of the Department:

  1. 1) The head of the Customer Service Department will be elected by the Board of Directors for a period of two years. This can be renewed for successive biannual periods.
  2. 2) No person with direct responsibility for the handling of claims, the acceptance of insurance risks, commercial services, financial operations nor the administration of the insurance portfolio of any of the companies of Grupo Ocaso will be eligible as head of Department.
  3. 3) The contract of the head of the department may be terminated at any time due to:
    • a.Loss of trust deposited in him by the Board of Directors.
    • b.Being in any of the situations of conflict of interest mentioned in section two.

Definition of competencies:

  1. 4) The Customer Service Department will process and solve all complaints and objections put forward by clients of any of the financial companies of Grupo Ocaso (Ocaso, S.A. and Eterna Aseguradora, S.A.).
  2. 5) These regulations refer to complaints and objections regarding the interests and rights which are legally recognised as being those of clients of the Grupo Ocaso, whether they derive from contracts, from regulations regarding transparency and the protection of customers or from financial customs and good practices, and especially from the principle of fairness.
  3. 6) Under insurance contracts, third parties who have suffered injury or damage will be also be treated as clients, for present purposes.

Procedural aspects:

  1. 7) All the departments and services of each of the companies of Grupo Ocaso must abide by the Customer Service Department’s requirements in terms of data, clarifications, reports or evidence which it considers relevant for resolving the objection.
  2. 8) Annex number 1 includes the procedure processing and resolving objections received by the Customer Service Department.


  1. 9) Any client may file a complaint or objection within two years of having knowledge of the facts which give rise to it.
  2. 10) A Every case filed must be finalized within a maximum period of two months from the presentation of the objection or complaint to the Customer Service Department.

After this term, regardless of whether the case file has been resolved, the claimant can appeal to the corresponding Commission.

This set of regulations will enter into force on July 24, 2004. As from this date, all complaints and objections directed towards the financial companies of Grupo Ocaso (Ocaso, S.A. and Eterna Aseguradora, S.A.) will be processed by the Customer Service Department of Grupo Ocaso.