Why an Accident insurance?

An accident insurance offers clients a wide range of guarantees, both basic and optional, which will enable the insured to maintain his/her options covered. You may also procure the capital you require in order to better adapt to your need for protection.

Who needs Accident insurance?

Although any person is susceptible to having an accident, regardless of their age, profession or lifestyle, aside from a generic insurance for any protection requirement in light of an accident we have incorporated special insurance covers for specific collectives, who have specific protection requirements.

Why a Female Accident insurance?

Because this collective is both economically and socially unprotected, given that they do not receive the cover offered by the public system. By not making Social Security contributions, it is understood that women lack many rights which salaried workers enjoy, including the right to a disability pension, among others. This policy covers all the risks which affect this collective, but also, in this case, with an additional sum in the event of an accident at home and other guarantees which strengthen the level of protection required by this collective.

Why a Ocaso Entrepreneur Protection insurance?

Because this collective is the one which has the greatest need for complementing the benefits provided by the public system, as well as covering all possible contingencies and specific requirements which may arise while performing their activity. On this line, the insurance includes a cover for temporary incapacity, both due to accident and illness in order to face up to sick leaves and, thus, reduce the impact these can have on the level of income of a self-employed professional.

And when I receive the capital?

The benefits for permanent incapacity originating from accident insurance covers are not subject to income tax (with the limitations foreseen in the tax regime), in the event of disability. If the compensation is due to the death of the insured, the beneficiary must pay the relevant Succession Tax applicable in his/her Autonomous Region.