What is a Claim Inquiry?

Any communication, clarification or request you wish to make in relation to an insurance claim related to one of our products (home, life, accident, buildings, etc.).

Who can file a Claim Inquiry?

The insured, their representatives or third parties involved in a claim incident.

What is a claim inquiry filed for?

To communicate necessary information in the processing of a claim or to make requests or express disagreement with regard to the processing of said claim.

How is a claim inquiry processed?

As soon as the advice is received, our staff initiates the process of information and coordination in order to resolve the inquiry.

Who processes a Claim Inquiry?

There is a specific department, within the Claim Division, whose main task is to analyse, process and resolve Claim Inquiries.

What information shall I receive regarding the Claim Inquiry?

If the inquiry requires an answer, we shall contact you as soon as possible by the means indicated by you, to provide you with the information obtained regarding the issues contained in the inquiry report.

How much does it cost?

Processing an inquiry does not generate any expenses.