Multi-Risk Hunter

What does this insurance cover?

Guarantees which can be taken out:
• Civil Liability insurance of mandatory subscription according to capital and cover provided by Royal Decree 63/94, of 21 January 1994: personal injuries caused to third parties while hunting.
• Complementary Civil Liability Insurance: personal damage, in addition to the mandatory cover and material damage.
• Legal Defence.
• Bails.
• Claims for Damages.
• Accidents while hunting.
• Travel assistance.

What dogs are covered by this policy?

The civil liability cover for damage caused to third parties only includes a maximum of two dogs.

What benefits does Ocaso offer with this combined Hunter insurance?

  • The payment of compensation for damages caused to third parties by the insured derived from hunting, both personal and material damage.
  • Legal defence and bails
  • Amicable or judicial claims for damages caused by a third party to the insured, provided that in the event of the insured having caused the damage, its liability were covered by the policy.
  • Accident of the insured while hunting which causes: death, permanent disability and/or medical/pharmaceutical assistance.
  • Travel cover for accidents suffered by the insured due to hunting or in the travel to and from hunting activities.

Could I have the insurance tomorrow?

Yes, we will send you a provisional policy document, valid as of the first day, then we will send your definitive contract documentation.