What does this insurance cover?

Throughout the country and in most of the autonomous regions, dog owners are obliged to take out a civil liability insurance. This obligation depends on the breed and the weight or size of the dog.
We want our pet, as a member of the family, to be protected against any contingency. However, our pet may voluntarily or involuntarily cause damage to third parties, in which case we, as the owners, would be directly responsible.
Our insurance guarantees a capital, of your choice, for facing said claims, but also offers the possibility of taking out other guarantees for covering the costs derived from accidents suffered by the insured animal, theft and/or loss, kennel accommodation, telephone assistance, etc.

What basic cover does this insurance offer?

The guarantees which can be taken out are the following:


  • Civil liability
  • Defence
  • Bails
  • Claims for damages


  • Death due to Accident
  • Veterinary costs due to Accident
  • Costs involving putting the animal down and eliminating the body due to an accident
  • Theft
  • Loss: costs for locating the animal by placing adverts in communication media
  • Accommodation costs for the lost animal
  • Stay at kennels for the animal due to the insured owner being hospitalised


What animals can be insured?

The following animals can be insured, provided they are older than four months and younger than ten years:

  • Dogs destined for being pets and/or for guarding.
  • Cats destined for being pets (they may only take out civil liability cover).

No other animals, other than cats or dogs, can be insured.

Does this cover civil liability for damage caused by the animal to a member of my family?

Any individual or legal entity shall be considered a third party when they are not:

  • The policy holder and/or the insured.
  • Their spouse or domestic partner.
  • Ascendants and descendants of the policy holder and/or insured.
  • Any person residing or normally and permanently living with the policy holder and/or insured.
  • Partners, directors, employees and people who in law or in fact maintain a labour relationship with the policy holder and/or the insured, while acting within the scope of said relationship."

How much can I value my animal for?

Its value will be the market price, according to the breed of a puppy of similar characteristics to those of the insured animal, plus the training cost, plus the value acquired through competitions and/or exhibitions.

If my animal causes a breakage, deterioration or destruction of something, would this be covered by the insurance?

Yes, the policy covers personal and material damage, as well as the economic consequences deriving from said damage.