SME insurance

Why an SME insurance?

Ocaso has designed the Combined SME Insurance, which aims to offer comprehensive cover for the risks which may entail a threat to the normal performance of any small and medium-sized company.
Furthermore, this insurance becomes even more necessary than for a large company given that these businesses lack the infrastructure, equity and means which benefit the large companies and the occurrence of an accident could entail closing the premises or, in the best of cases, a loss of income which has to be faced with a very small budget.

How is the Premises to be insured calculated for an SME?

The premises to be insured is calculated in the same manner as for a home or a commercial establishment, by multiplying the surface of the SME in square metres by the value of the square metre, which currently ranges between 300 and 1,500 Euros, depending of the quality of the construction and the characteristics of the partitions of the same, applying a higher value to partitioned premises than to open-plan ones.

What would happen if due to an accident, I were forced to close my business for a certain amount of time?

If you take out the optional guarantee for loss of income, Ocaso will guarantee the loss of income which would be caused in the event of an accident.