Ocaso, S.A. Compañía de Seguros y Reaseguros (hereinafter Ocaso) holds website, with address at Calle Princesa 23, 28008-Madrid.

Is registered in the Madrid Mercantile Register, volume 3773, folio 33, section 8, page M-62817, and CIF is A28016608.

For its activity, has the administrative key C-0133 in the Register of the Directorate General of Insurance and Pension Funds.

The information provided on our websites under the domain name has the aim of providing knowledge of the activities of OCASO, as well as offering insureds and visitors access to a collection of interactive services.

The inclusion and/or amendment of the interactive contents and services shall be communicated by way of these pages at the relevant time, such that our clients and visitors may be fully informed of any changes we make to our information systems. At the same time, we thank you for you understanding should our services not be fully operational at any given time.

Likewise, OCASO informs you that we have taken the security measures appropriate means as the diligence required of it and the state of the art at all times in order to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and veracity of the information supplied.

OCASO shall not accept any liability for any possible intangible and/or tangible losses that may arise from the fraudulent use of the passwords supplied to the legitimate holder thereof. In the event you should suspect that confidentiality has been lost, we ask you to inform us of this so that steps may be taken as quickly as possible.

The contents, images and logos shown on the pages are the property of OCASO. The use, assignment, or reproduction thereof are prohibited – whether in whole or in part – even in the event their origin is stated, without holding the requisite authorization.

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1. AIM.

The purpose of this privacy policy, OCASO, is to notify users of its website of the personal data protection policy that has been implemented, thereby complying with the right to information that Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 December, on the Protection of Personal Data (hereinafter the Data Protection Act) confers on all users.


2.1. Information for users.

OCASO collects and handles personal data collected through both forms and e-mail communications for the purposes set forth below:

  1. The processing and management of requests for information, draft contracts or contracts carried out by users through this website or electronic mail.
  2. The management and control of the services offered through the website.
  3. The prevention of fraud in the selection of the risk in the insurance.
  4. The preparation of studies into insurance techniques.
  5. The management of the CVs received through the website, which will be kept for a period of approximately 1 year. After that period, if the user wishes to continue to participate in the selection process must send its data back.
  6. The sending of information by any channel including electronic media (e-mail and mobile telephone) with regard to OCASO services and products, which the user may be interested in purchasing

The forms for collecting information shall indicate in a clear and obvious manner for the user those fields and questions which require a compulsory answer. In the event that not all data considered to be necessary are supplied, the process underway may be blocked until such time as the said data are supplied; not to provide the service applied for and/or not to formalize the contractual relationship applied for by the user.

Those data deemed to be compulsory shall be those that are strictly necessary for the purposes indicated at sections a) b) c) and e) referred to above, according as appropriate in each case, for the service or relationship applied for by the user.


2.2. Consent of the user.

When the user confirms the sending of the personal data, he/she expressly consents to the handling of the said data by OCASO, to which entity it applies for the service or relationship for the purpose of which the said data are collected with the aims set forth at point 2.1 of this data protection policy.

Likewise, and exclusively for the purposes indicated at point 2.1., the user consents to the possibility of the data being assigned to the entities Ocaso and Eterna Aseguradora, S.A., both belonging to the group OCASO, their subsidiaries, participated companies, and any others with which they may execute a co-operation or reinsurance agreement, always within the framework of Spanish legislation on personal data protection in force at any given time, and without a requirement to be informed of each first assignment made to the said assignees.

In the case of data with special protection as provided for at article 7 of the Data Protection Act (health, religion, ideology, racial background, etc.), the user expressly consents to the handling of the said data, where these should be necessary for the maintenance, performance, and control of the contractual relationship existing between both or the establishment of a new one.

The personal data shall not be communicated to third parties without your prior consent, except where this is required by, and is addressed to, the relevant state authorities (Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Taxation, Public Authorities, Public Ombudsman, etc.), and in accordance with the guidelines laid down for this purpose by the Data Protection Act.

2.3. Collection and quality of the data..

The user undertakes not to supply personal data that refer to third parties, using the forms available on this website.

In compliance with the principle of quality of the personal data, set forth at article 4 of the Data Protection Act, the user undertakes to supply data that are truthful, accurate, complete, and up to date, such that they provide a truthful representation of the user’s situation.

Where the data supplied by the user should be false, incomplete, out of date, or inaccurate, the said user shall be liable for any losses, whether direct or indirect, tangible or intangible, which may be occasioned to a third party or to OCASO with which he/she has a relationship which entails the use of the data. OCASO reserve the right to terminate the services provided to the client, as well as any contractual relationship that has been agreed, without prejudice to any other actions that may arise in law.

In any event, the use of the website by persons aged under fourteen is prohibited. As a result, the user makes responsible statements and warrants that he/she is at least the stated age.

For its part, OCASO undertakes not to collect data from persons aged over fourteen and under eighteen which allow information to be obtained with regard to the other members of the family group, or with regard to the characteristics thereof, without the consent of the holders of the said data.

Persons aged under fourteen who proceed to supply their personal data in the forms available must have the prior authorization of their parents, tutors, or legal representatives, who are warned that in accordance with current legislation, they shall be held liable for all acts performed by minor children in their care. OCASO shall not accept any liability for the breach of this requirement..

2.4. Rights of users (access, correction, cancellation, and opposition).

OCASO informs the user, holder of the data, that he/she may exercise the rights to Access, Correction, Cancellation, and Opposition conferred by the Data Protection Act, as well as the right to revoke consent for the handling of his/her personal data, free of charge and in the terms established by the legislation in force in this regard, by addressing him/herself to the party responsible for the file. For this purpose, he/she may get in touch by any of the following means:

  • Post:
    OCASO S.A.
    C/ Princesa, 23
    Att. Departamento de Protección de Datos
    28008 Madrid (España)
  • Electronic mail:
  • FAX: 915 380 148
2.5. Party responsible for the files

OCASO undertakes to handle the personal data supplied by the user in the strictest confidence and in compliance with the technical and organizational measures required by the Data Protection Act and any implementing provisions that may be in force at any given time, and as established by the security measures that should be established with regard to the treatment of personal data.

For the same purpose, and in its capacity as owner of and party responsible for the file, OCASO, in compliance with article 26 of the said law and in accordance with the guidelines of the General Data Protection Registry of the Spanish Data Protection Agency, has recorded the corresponding files at the latter, which have the corresponding recordation code assigned by the said body.


This policy may be amended by reason of changes to the requirements laid down in the legislation in force at any given time, by judicial decisions and changes in the caselaw, as well as by changes to the activities and business strategy of OCASO. Publication and access by users shall be carried out through this same website, and it shall be understood that the relations established with the users prior to the change shall be governed by the rules in force at the time the website was accessed for the establishment thereof.


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Our technicians are continuously verifying the proper functioning of the website. However, should you detect any inaccuracy or anomaly, we would ask you to inform us of this by way of an e-mail addressed to:

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