What is the Ocaso Accident Express insurance?

Ocaso Accident Express is an insurance cover that pays out in the event of death or permanent disability caused by an accident. For a minimum premium, the insured is protected against risks and in the event of an incident, will be paid quarterly income for a 10-year period.

What are its guarantees?

The basic guarantees of this insurance cover include compensation due to death, permanent disability and temporary disability caused by an accident, hospitalisation benefit due to accident, healthcare assistance, travel assistance, and consultancy and handling of successions.

What are the main advantages?

Optional guarantees

This insurance also offers the possibility of insuring against temporary disability based on a 7-day excess scale per accident, healthcare assistance expenses in the event of accident and daily subsidy in the event of hospitalisation due to accident.

Ocaso Accident Express: A new concept of accident insurance which, in exchange of a minimum cost, gives you the peace of mind of knowing that yourself and your loved ones will always receive the answer needed in the appropriate moment.

A plan with all the cover included in standard insurance policies, but which also incorporates a service designed exclusively for you.

In case of death or disability, you will be entitled to a quarterly income for ten years. And, if the accident takes place travelling, Ocaso covers the expenses incurred under this circumstances

In addition, and with your needs in mind, Ocaso Accident Express protects you in case of Temporary Disability and indemnifies you on a daily basis in a case of hospitalisation after suffering an accident. Ocaso will also cover all the expenses incurred should you need medical and/or pharmaceutical treatment.


Standard Cover

Death caused by accident immediate payment Death caused by accident deferred payment Permanent disability due to accident immediate payments Permanent disability due to accident deferred payment Probate and estate administration services Travel insurance Death due to myocardial infarction caused by a work related accident

Optional Cover

Temporary disability due to accident according to rating scale with 7-day waiting period before benefits are paid Medical expenses in case of accident Daily allowance in case of hospitalization by accident

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