What is the Ocaso Children's Savings insurance?

Ocaso Children's Savings is a saving insurance especially designed for you to establish the economic basis on which to build your children’s future.

It will provide you with a greater return thanks to the guaranteed annual interest and on the maturity date, you will be able to rescue the value of the policy.

The minimum duration of the insurance is of at least 10 years, it is therefore designed to insure children under the age of 15.  Despite this, the insured may withdraw the total value of the policy or partial amounts of its value after having paid all the premiums corresponding to the second year.

What are its guarantees?

Among the basic guarantees of this insurance we have the annually variable guaranteed technical interest rate, the payment of net premiums in the event of death, and total, partial or official rescue of the value of the policy.

What are the main advantages?


Sometimes we are faced with situations in which we need to access money before time. Ocaso knows this and that is why it allows the holder of this insurance to rescue all or part of the value of the policy, after having paid the full amount corresponding to the second year.

Optional guarantees

This insurance enables the holder to take out the optional guarantee of Consultancy and Handling Successions, with which to manage the out-of-court will process and related consultancy.


Standard Cover

Capital insured at maturity date Guaranteed technical rate of interest Capital insured in the event of death Full or partial surrender, or termination of policy by insurer

Optional Cover

Probate and estate administration services