Profit from your savings like an Expert Investor. With Ocaso Fondvida you can access the profitability of the financial markets from 80 euros monthly. Depending on your investor profile, we offer three basket funds where you can choose the one more appropriate for your needs:

Conservative Basket : Comprises of fixed income assets and up to 20% variable income. For the long term savings where the customer does not have to be constantly aware of market movements and can participate in the profitability of the variable income. The main goal is to achieve moderate growth in the long term, providing a medium-low level of risk.

Balanced Basket: Comprises of fixed income assets and up to 50% variable income. Designed for the saver with market knowledge who wants a higher profitability. The main goal is to produce profitability based on stock market cycles, thus, exposed to a medium-high level of risk due to its component of variable income.

Variable Income Basket: Based a hundred percent in the IBEX35 index of variable income and carrying a higher level of risk, it is aimed at people with a high level of information of the stock market who are willing to assume a high level of risk due to its high component of variable income.

Annual historical yields to 30 June 2017

Baskets Last year 3 years 5 years
Conservative 2,10% 0,30% 0,80%
Balanced -0,10% 2,30% 4,50%
Preotected* 11,10% N.D.
Variable income  14,60% 2,80% 12,50%

The amounts to be received depend on stock market fluctuations, beyond the insurer control and whose historical results are not indicative of future results.


Standard Cover

Guaranteed technical rate of interest Capital insured in the event of death Full or partial surrender, or termination of policy by insurer