What is the Ocaso Fondvida insurance?

This is an individual life insurance in which in the event of death the beneficiary is paid a variable insured amount, which is calculated by adding the percentage established in the policy to the value of said policy. The value of the policy will depend on the fluctuations of the financial markets. Therefore, the holder fully assumes the risk of the investment upon choosing the investment basket.

Depending on the investor profile, Ocaso offers four types of investment funds from which you can choose the one which best adapts to your needs:

Conservative basket: Comprised of fixed income assets and up to 15% variable return. Designed for long-term saving in which the holder does not need to pay attention to the market movements and can participate in the yield of variable income. Its purpose is to achieve constant and moderate revaluation over a long-term period, providing medium to low risk

Balanced basket: Comprised of fixed income assets and up to 50% variable return. Designed for savers who are aware of the market movements and demand a greater return from their savings. This option provides a revaluation linked to the stock market trends and is, therefore, exposed to a medium to high risk level due to its variable income component.

Protected variable income basket: It is comprised by assets which are up to 100% variable income, with protection against losses of 75% of the investment. It is aimed for savers who, with an understanding of the financial markets, want to take part in the return on variable income but don’t want to endure unlimited losses, providing a medium to high risk level. The value of the guarantee will be established at a minimum of 75% of the contribution made and will increase via the return obtained and will never be below 75% of the value of the maximum investment recorded in the period.

Variable income basket: This option is an exact replica of the IBEX 35 index of variable income and, therefore, it is the one with the highest risk. It is aimed for people with vast knowledge of financial markets and who are willing to assume a high-risk level due to its high variable income component.

Annual historical yields to 30 June 2019

Baskets Last year 3 years 5 years
Conservative 5,00% 1,40% 0,20%
Balanced 5,50% -0,50% 0,70%
Preotected 13,10% 3,50%*
Variable income  9,30% 8,10% 0,50%

*Last two years

The amounts to be received depend on stock market fluctuations, beyond the insurer control and whose historical results are not indicative of future results.

What are its guarantees?

Among the basic guarantees we have the insured capital in the event of death which is equivalent to the value of the policy plus a percentage of the same within the limits established in the contract, or the total, partial or official withdrawal of the value of the policy.

What are the main advantages?

Security basket

This product also has a security basket which is fully comprised by fixed income assets, which provides the product with a low risk level. This product can be used as a fall-back basket in situations of financial uncertainty or turbulence.


Sometimes we are faced with situations in which we need to access money before time. Ocaso knows this and that is why we allow the holder of this insurance to withdraw the total or partial value of the policy, after having paid the first year in full, in the event of periodic premium, and as of the start after having paid the premium in the event of single premium payments.


Standard Cover

Guaranteed technical rate of interest Capital insured in the event of death Full or partial surrender, or termination of policy by insurer