What is the Multi-risk Hunting Insurance?

Hunting requires having previously taken out the corresponding civil liability insurance. This can be done by taking out a hunting insurance such as Ocaso Multi-risk Hinting insurance, which offers three types of modalities that will adapt to your individual needs.

What are its guarantees?

In addition to covering the mandatory civil liability for practising this activity, Ocaso offers a complementary civil liability insurance cover that in addition to covering bodily harm also covers material damage.

In the same manner, this insurance offers a guarantee for claims for damages caused to third parties, individual accident insurance and travel assistance.

What are the main advantages?

Possibility of choosing between the Basic, Extended and Customised insurance options.

Ocaso understands that each hunter has different needs. That is why, Ocaso offers the possibility of taking out three different types of insurance, where you can choose between basic, extended guarantees, or a made-to-measure insurance with customised guarantees.

  • Complementary Civil Liability Insurance: Covers bodily harm beyond that covered under the mandatory subscription insurance, and material damages. Also includes legal defence and bail.
  • Damages Reclaim Insurance: Covers friendly or judicial claims, for damages caused to the insured by a third party.
  • Individual Accident Insurance: Covers compensation for death, disability and medical/pharmaceutical assistance.


Standard Cover

Obligatory public liability insurance (bodily injury) Complementary public liability insurance (bodily injury and material damages) Claims for recovery of damages from third parties Claims for Individual Accidents Travel Assistance during hunting expeditions

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