What is Ocaso Pet Insurance?

This is an insurance cover for cats and dogs that enables to adapt the policy guarantees to your specific needs. So, you can always enjoy your animals, regardless of whether they are pets or guard animals, with the greatest peace of mind.

Our dog insurance adapts to your economic needs, given that you can modify the amounts covered under the different guarantees thanks to the different options you will see in the form, which also enables you to calculate the price of your insurance.

Our cat insurance can only be taken out with the civil liability option.

What are its guarantees?

The main guarantee provided by this policy is  civil liability, which includes legal defence, claims for damages and bail. This insurance is mandatory throughout the entire national territory for dogs that are included in classified breeds. This insurance also includes a guarantee covering damage caused to the animal and telephone assistance in Spain to facilitate general information regarding any kind of aspect related to the insured animal.

What are the main advantages?

Guarantee for damage caused to the animal: This insurance covers certain damages that could affect the animal such as death caused by accident, vet bills due to accidents, expenses arising from sacrifice and disposal of the body, theft or loss, accommodation expenses due to loss and time spent at kennels.

Vet bills due to accident: If your pet suffers an accident, the Ocaso Animales insurance will cover vet bills up to the corresponding limit depending on the type of option chosen. 

Stay in kennels: The policy covers the payment of the animal’s stay at a kennel, provided this is due to hospitalisation of the insured due to accident or illness and no family member can look after the animal. 


Assistance in Spain

Telephone assistance

Principal Cover

Legal liability
Legal liability
Legal liability Legal defence costs Bail bonds Claims for damages


Insured damage
Insured damage
Death due to accident Veterinary fees for accident Expenses for slaughter and disposal of the body Theft Loss Lodging cost for lost Stay at residence of dogs

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