Ocaso Pet Insurance. A new concept of modular and flexible insurance which allows a minimum cost to hire what best suits your needs and your pet.

As a pet-owner, you know how important you are to your pet. Your pet is your friend, your protector, and a very important part of your life. For this reason, just in case, your pet should be covered against risks and circumstances that could arise at any time, civil-liability claims for losses or injuries caused to third parties, accidents that could befall the animal, extraordinary expenses that may have to be met……etc.

Ocaso Pet Cover allows you to enjoy your best friend with complete peace of mind, at all times.

In addition, a telephone helpline is available seven days a week for any matters relating to your pet.

A friend gives you both deserve the best.


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Principal Cover

Legal liability
Legal liability
Legal liability Legal defence costs Bail bonds Claims for damages


Insured damage
Insured damage
Death due to accident Veterinary fees for accident Expenses for slaughter and disposal of the body Theft Loss Lodging cost for lost Stay at residence of dogs

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