Your family is very dear to you. That is why, whatever you do for them, it will never be enough. You know this and so does Ocaso. With your wellbeing in mind, we have created Ocaso Multi-Life, the most comprehensive insurance policy to protect your family at all times. With Ocaso Multi-Life, your peace of mind is guaranteed because, whatever happens, you know your family will always pull through.

Ocaso Multi-Life covers you for a minimum immediate compensation of €30,000 in case of death, as well as providing those optional extensions of cover that best suit your needs.

You may also benefit from significant discounts, depending on the level of cover purchased, and enjoy optional covers.

Furthermore, with Ocaso Multi-Life, you choose the method of payment you prefer: on an annual, biannual, quarterly, bimonthly or monthly basis.


Standard Cover


Optional Cover

Full and permanent disability Death caused by accident Death caused by traffic accident Death or full and permanent disability caused by an accident Death or full and permanent disability caused by a traffic accident Death caused by myocardial infarction Simultaneous death due to accident with the accompanying designated Serious illnesses Probate and estate administration services

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