What is commercial insurance?

Being responsible for commercial premises involves a lot of responsibilities and expenses. Commercial insurances have been created in order to ensure all your efforts not to be threatened by any risk. These have been designed to protect the premises and the stock, furniture and machinery located inside.

Why take out commercial insurance?

According to the UNESPA Social Report on Insurance, about 84 incidents in shops and businesses can take place in just one hour, and this represents about €181,730 in expenditure for them.

The risks which are in all business people’s mind when it comes to protecting the business are burglary, fire or damage caused by water. All these risks are covered by a multi-risk commercial insurance that will provide you with the peace of mind of knowing that their effects will be resolved quickly and effectively.

What commercial insurance covers do we offer?

So you don’t have to worry about all the accidents that could occur in your commercial premises, Ocaso offers:

  • Ocaso Retail Plus, an insurance cover designed for all types of commercial premises, so your sole concern is making sure your business is a success.
  • Offices have their own characteristics and are different from other types of businesses, hence other risks need to be insured. For all these risks, Ocaso offers Ocaso Retail Plus Offices.
  • Ocaso Retail Plus Inns y Country Hotels is an insurance cover designed for all small businesses that deal with the public within the tourism sector.
  • Ocaso Retail Plus Pharmacies will provide protection for prescriptions and drugs that are in your pharmacy.