What is a Guaranteed Retirement Savings Plan insurance?

A guaranteed retirement savings plan is a life insurance with which the capital contributions allow to develop a savings plan for retirement.

This product always guarantees the value of the premiums paid in, in addition to a technical interest rate that the company establishes periodically based on the situation of the financial markets and its costs.

It also has certain advantages, as you can choose between paying a single annual premium or a periodic premium. On the other hand, you can carry out capital transfers from one retirement savings plan to another.

What are its guarantees?

Among the basic guarantees of this insurance we have the guaranteed technical interest rate which varies quarterly, the insured capital in the event of death, insured capital in the event of disability, mobilisation of funds and total, partial or official withdrawal of the value of the policy.

What are the main advantages?

Retirement Guarantee

The main coverage provided by this insurance is a payment for the value of the policy upon retirement. This guarantee shall be understood as completed when the insured is eligible for a Social Security pension.

Mobilisation of funds

It is sometimes convenient to transfer the value of a plan to another plan. That is why, this policy provides the option of moving the value of the plan to another Guaranteed Retirement Plan or Individual Personal Plan on which the insured is named or a participant.


Sometimes we are faced with situations in which we need to access money. That is why Ocaso has designed this retirement savings insurance to allow the insured access to all or part of the value of the policy, in the events foreseen in the current legislation. It is established that the insured can obtain early access to the value of the policy for contributions made at least 10 years prior.


Standard Cover

Capital insured at maturity date Guaranteed technical rate of interest Capital insured in the event of death Capital insured in the event of disability Full or partial surrender, or termination of policy by insurer Transfer of policy funds