What is the Ocaso Ahorro Personal insurance? Individual Systematic Savings Plan?

Ocaso Ahorro Personal is a life insurance in which the payment of a periodic premium allows to develop a savings plan with which you will obtain guaranteed lifelong income.

With this option, you will obtain the best return on your money thanks to the quarterly variable technical interest rate, as well as a guarantee in the event of death in which the beneficiary will receive the value of the policy plus an additional percentage as indicated in the contract, with the limits established therein.

Minimum duration of the insurance is at least 10 years, with annual extensions thereon.  Despite this, the insured may withdraw the total value of the policy or partial amounts of its value after having paid all the premiums corresponding to the second year.

What are its guarantees?

Among the basic guarantees of this insurance we have the quarterly variable guaranteed technical interest rate, permanence bond, the insured capital in the event of death, mobilisation of funds and total, partial or official withdrawal of the value of the policy.

What are the main advantages?


This insurance allows the insured to withdraw the value of the policy as of paying the premiums corresponding to the second year. The insured may also access a partial withdrawal and the company may carry out an official withdrawal, if necessary.

In the same manner, the insured may also request an advanced payment of up to the total withdrawal value, applying the current technical interest rate at the time of the request plus two points.

Extraordinary contributions

The insured may at any time make extraordinary contributions in a single premium and increase or reduce the periodic premium.


Standard Cover

Capital insured at maturity date Guaranteed technical rate of interest Loyalty Bonus Capital insured in the event of death Full or partial surrender, or termination of policy by insurer Transfer of policy funds