This is an individual life insurance with minimum 10 year period which can be extended annually and which allows you to make one–off single premium payments as well as exercise redemption rights – partial, total and advance, after the second annual payment.

On survival at expiry date, the Assured will receive the total accumulated policy value, tax free in accordance with the law where life annuity is concerned.

In the event of death, the beneficiary will receive in addition to the accummulated policy value, an additional 5% of such value subject to a maximum of 5.000 euros.

As from the seventh anniversary, the value of the policy will be increased by 1% of the agreed periodic premiums, payable at the original agreed maturity date, along with the rest of the accumulated funds.


Standard Cover

Capital insured at maturity date Guaranteed technical rate of interest Loyalty Bonus Capital insured in the event of death Full or partial surrender, or termination of policy by insurer Transfer of policy funds