What is the SMEs insurance?

At present, most Spanish companies are SMEs. To protect the premises where they are located, the machinery they own and their employees, a series of specific insurance policies have been created, the SMEs insurances.

These insurance policies protect against the most frequent incidents that tend to occur such as burglary, civil liability or damages caused by weather conditions or fire, among others.

Why take out SMEs insurance?

When running a company, it may suffer an incident which could entail vast expense, and this would in turn be complicated for you to deal with. Due to which, it is important for SMEs to know of this type of insurance and to use them to protect themselves against any type of risk that could threaten their activity.

What SMEs insurance covers do we offer?

With the aim of ensuring that no incident can put an end to the effort it takes to run a business, Ocaso has designed several different insurance policies for SMEs which adapt to their individual needs:

  • Ocaso SMEs, an insurance cover designed for all types of commercial premises, so you only have to worry about making your business a success.
  • Ocaso SMEs Express is an insurance cover that includes the main basic guarantees, and can be complemented with optional guarantees.

Ocaso also offers a series of more specific insurance covers to ensure different companies can protect themselves against the most common risks that occur within the scope of their activity:

  • Ocaso SMEs Hotels
  • Ocaso SMEs Wine Producers
  • Ocaso SMEs Care Homes
  • Ocaso SMEs Preserves
  • Ocaso SMEs Service Stations
  • Ocaso SMEs Public Car Parks
  • Ocaso SMEs Oil Mills