We want to be by your side wherever you are, to provide you with the peace of mind you need while outside of Spain, so you can enjoy your trip and enjoy your experience to the full without worrying about anything.

Why should you take out travel insurance with Ocaso?

When travelling abroad we all require tranquillity, well-being and security, hence it is best we take out insurance cover that adapts to our travel needs. Ocaso offers you highly comprehensive, specialised travel insurance, which includes coverage for medical needs, lost luggage, cancellation and many other services as you can see upon accessing each product.

What types of insurance are there?

We all travel for many different reasons, however, the most common reasons for which we leave our home are leisure, work and studies. For all these situations, Ocaso has designed a policy that adapts to all types of travel you may carry out, by means of a personal and comprehensive service, including permanent assistance.

These three types of insurance are: Ocaso&Go - StudentsOcaso&Go - Pleasure and Ocaso&Go - Business trips.


You can visit our travel insurance FAQs section to resolve any queries you may have regarding the above information.

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