What is Ocaso Active Savings insurance?

This is an insurance in which the premiums paid in by the holder revalue at the technical interest rate applied in each quarter, thus developing a savings plan.

One of the most important reasons for taking out this insurance is being able to save a sum of money which proves hard to do on an everyday basis. Ocaso knows this and that is why it allows the holder to withdraw the total value of the policy or partial amounts of its value after having paid the single premium.

What are its guarantees?

Among the basic guarantees of this insurance we have the guaranteed technical interest rate which varies quarterly, the insured capital in the event of death consistent with the value of the policy plus 10%, and the total, partial or official withdrawal of the value of the policy.

What are the main advantages?


There are times when we all need to access money in order to deal with certain events, such as weddings, studies, or retirement. With this in mind, Ocaso has designed a savings insurance that allows the holders to save and withdraw partial amounts of the value of the policy after having paid in the single premium.

In the event of death of the insured, the beneficiaries will receive the value of the policy plus 10% of the same on the date of the death, with the limits established in the policy.



Standard Cover

Guaranteed technical rate of interest Capital insured in the event of death Full or partial surrender, or termination of policy by insurer